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Accept euro and crypto payments

A decentralized, quick-to-install infrastructure: with Synkrony Pay you can easily receive euro and crypto payments. 

  • Online through e-commerce platforms and offline through P.E.S. - Portable Exchange System
  • On main exchange platforms
  • Fee of just 1%
  • 1 billion wallets ready to spend
  • Ease of use, rapidity, and safety guaranteed by blockchain technology
paycomponent synkrony
paycomponent synkrony

Start collecting cryptocurrencies


More than 40% of new customers are paying in crypto


Merchants accepting crypto observe a 327% increase in ROI


Crypto payments provide a 20% increase in profits


Access a market with 1 billion wallets ready to spend


triangleFirst-hand management and monitoring of your crypto: no physical intermediary between the user and the platform

triangleA private wallet for crypto collection and FIAT conversion is complemented with a business bank account and a debit card as security for your funds

triangle Refund system handled by blockchain technology to safeguard customers from fraud and unlawful practices


triangle Lowest fees on the market for crypto and card collection

triangleEasy to integrate into your app, e-commerce platform or POS system

triangle Compatible with main wallets for untroubled crypto payments from your customers

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We support most widely-accepted cryptocurrencies, as well as debit and credit cards

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paycomponent for ecommerce

Online solutions for e-commerce platforms

Synkrony Pay can be installed for free on any e-commerce platform through API. It provides an easy, quick and intuitive way for users to pay in #EURS stable coin with any credit card or in crypto.

  • Sign up on Synkrony
  • Open your wallet on Synkrony Exchange
  • Install SynkronyPay on your e-commerce platform: you can do it through API or with the aid of our IT team
  • Start collecting crypto or #EURS stable coin
  • Convert the crypto collected on Synkrony Exchange to euro and transfer the funds to your account
paycomponent synkrony
paycomponent synkrony

Offline solutions for retailers

SynkronyPay is also available offline with 2 different portable exchange systems.
Your customers will be able to pay you in crypto or in #EURS stable coin with any credit card.

  • Sign up on Synkrony
  • Order your PES device
  • Open your wallet on Synkrony Exchange
  • Log in on your device with your account details
  • Start collecting crypto or #EURS stable coin
  • Convert the crypto collected on Synkrony Exchange to euro and transfer the funds to your account


No hidden costs and dedicated support

Installation and setup




State-of-the-art dashboard 

for comprehensive funds management


Crypto collection fee

No minimum monthly income required


Conversion fees



Card collection fee


Solutions for developers and integrators

Just a few strings of code and you are all set: Synkrony Pay’s installation and setup are effortless.
If you still need our help for a customized setup and full API integration, we are here for you!

paycomponent synkrony


Defi is an acronym for Decentralized Finance, which identifies all those platforms where value transfer is not entrusted to a physical intermediary. The Synkrony Pay component is a defi system in that it uses dedicated smart contracts for value exchanges, therefore creating a real exchange order book between buyers and sellers.

In online shopping, escrow services work as an external but trusted third party holding money and regulating payments on behalf of transacting parties in a given time. The escrow is therefore a guarantee system safeguarding users in their shopping in exchange for a fee on their transaction.
When it comes to the escrow of the Synkrony Pay component, the external actor handling the transaction is regulated by a smart contract, which automatically proceeds to sending the payment to the seller or returning it to the buyer when pre-established rules verify.
The escrow manager is allowed to proceed in two ways: to either give the money back to the customer or transfer it to the merchant. Under no circumstances, can it divert the funds to wallets other than the ones implied in the transaction.

Within Synkrony’s network, cryptos are held and managed by means of an ecosystem of smart contracts specifically designed for holding, exchanging and burning single tokens and according to specific rules for each and every token.

No, once you collect the cryptos, you will get to decide if and when to convert them into other cryptos, tokens or other currencies.

Owning and selling cryptos also means having to constantly stay up to date with changing regulations: please check in with the country you live in to know about the implications of earning, owning and listing cryptos.

Synkrony offers optional escrow services for refund. Contact us to know more. If you choose to not use this service, refund costs and management will be the exclusive responsibility of the merchant and will depend on the laws of the country from which one operates, on the products returned and on specific cancellation policies that may be stipulated with customers.

Conversion of cryptos into other currencies (and their exchange) are handled by the exchange platform Synkrony, although resorting to alternative standard exchanges available on the market is also possible

Synkrony has various arrangements in force with commercial banks for the safekeeping of valuables. 

Synkrony Pay provides every merchant with comprehensive information about their incoming transactions (paid, pending, failed or expired)

Synkrony enables every merchant to pick which cryptos they want to collect among those available inside the network: bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash, dogecoin

Synkrony allows you to transfer earned cryptos to other wallets outside the network

Synkrony pay can be easily integrated into your e-commerce, online shop, or app through API, and it can be installed through plugin on major web platforms such as Woocommerce and Magento