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By buying SynCoin, Synkrony’s inherent token, users earn a right to participate in the distribution of transaction fees generated through Synkrony Exchange.

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Reinventing asset staking

The innovative algorithm POP enables users who have staked SynCoin to be awarded with 100% of fees arising from a transaction in that transaction’s currency.

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How does it work?

The whole stake supply amounts to 1 billion units. These units allocate a right to take part in Synkrony Exchange’s fee distribution.

Buy SYN and open a new stake position:
POP distribution logic works in such a way as to randomly draw and allocate stakers 100% of the fees in that transaction currency (BTC, ETH, EUR and others).

Buy SYN on Synkrony Exchange

Open a stake position

Participate in the Proof of Play mechanism

Receive 100% of trading fees directly on your wallet

Flusso POP

Staking explorer

You can check the status of stake positions from the pie chart on Synkrony's dedicated section.

Affidaty makes 49% of SynCoin available and will never stake more than 30% of the SynCoin sold.

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Represented data shall not be interpreted as real stake data. It shall only be intended as a graphic representation of distribution and presentation methods on the user’s web page.


The advantages of SynCoin

SynCoin rethinks the way assets are staked. Chances of being drawn are decided by the POP mechanism’s random rules depending on the amount of assets staked.

Sharing is caring: SynCoin emphasizes Affidaty’s dedication to sharing the results of Synkrony Exchange with its community of users.

paycomponent synkrony
paycomponent synkrony

Synkrony® has been a Defi ecosystem since 2019

Synkrony is a registered trademark of Affidaty S.p.A. Since 2019, it has been operating as a defi infrastructure and has offered its users:

  • Defi Exchange platform
  • Pay Component 
  • Marketplace NFT (Coming Soon)


Interested in getting SynCoin for free?
Learn more about our bounty program, complete levels and get a hold of SYN!

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  • You can keep it and earn on transaction fees depending on the assets owned;
  • Exchange or trade it on Synkrony;
  • Buy products and services online or in-store at affiliated merchants.

SynCoins are listed and quoted on Synkrony® Exchange and can be purchased by credit card, debit card or bank transfer or can be exchanged for other digital assets within the platform.

The SynCoin is the native crypto of the Synkrony® circuit, launched in early 2022 to tokenize industrial property rights in the ecosystem. Issued in 1 billion units, representing in stake 100 percent of the royalties triggered by fees charged on all Synkrony® Exchange transactions.

Synkrony is a defi infrastructure designed for crypto and blockchain businesses.

Synkrony means:

  • Trading relevant crypto available on the market, as well as tokens and coins created with T.R.I.N.C.I.®;
  • Pay components for online and offline businesses interested in selling their products for crypto while still accepting credit cards;
  • High value-added services for crypto and token listing projects developed with T.R.I.N.C.I.® or with other blockchain technologies;
  • NFT marketplace for trading and sharing digital art created with T.R.I.N.C.I.®.
  • Yes, to buy SynCoin you must first complete level 1 of our KYC verification procedure. You can do so by filling in the form with the necessary information and by attaching relevant documents on your Synkrony profile section.

    By purchasing SynCoin and voluntarily opening a staking position you are entitled to participate in Synkrony® Exchange's Proof Of Play, or the innovative system of distributing the platform's royelties to all stakers. These royalties represent the commissions applied to transactions and for each transaction processed Proof Of Play randomly elects a staker to whom 100% of the management fees are allocated.

    The allocated fees are in the currency of the transaction processed, so if a staker is elected to process a BTC transaction, the fees are allocated in BTC and so for every other currency. This makes it so that a SynCoin staker can get several coins if he is elected by Proof Of Play.

    After buying SynCoin, you can open a stake position by following the platform’s guided procedure. You can easily and quickly modify stake positions at any time through the management panel. If you decide to un-stake your assets, the POP algorithm will automatically rule you out.

    SynCoin, as well as other staked assets, follow the rules of the POP algorithm. By opening a stake position, your assets get locked up in special wallet called #SYNKRONY. This wallet handles all of the smart contracts, all of the stakers and any transaction fee on Synkrony Exchange.

    Stakers are drawn by the Synkroulette smart contract according to Synkrony’s native function DRAND.

    SynCoin and the smart contracts regulating its operation have been developed following a hyper secure cryptographic protocol provided by T.R.I.N.C.I.®. Through this decentralized protocol, each SynCoin can be staked by the user in order to take part in the POP mechanism. Any operation involving SynCoin should be carried out under SynCoin terms and conditions.