One platform for your payments, exchanges and trade of cryptocurrencies, tokens and NFTs

Create your wallet now and start using tokens and cryptos for your daily activities: buy, sell, exchange, trade and create NFTs or digital assets.
Businesses will be even able to manage their incomes.

  • Say goodbye to cross platforms to manage your transactions

  • Straightforward crypto collection in your wallet and quick transfer of funds to your bank account

  • No shitcoins, only real world value tokens

  • Public blockchain ensuring immutability to your operations

  • Next-generation staking services governed by a state-of-the-art consensus algorithm

  • Token creation and listing is customized so that you can meet your business needs

  • Stable coins to handle any process in euros

  • Stable gas fees to handle any operation

  • Training activities with a focus on crypto businesses for enterprises, developers and professionals of financial, tax and legal sectors

Synkrony® is an “all-in-one” service
to stay up-to-date on all things crypto.

Synkrony is a Defi platform offering exchange as well as a high value added pay component on both more capitalized cryptos on the market and coins or NFTs created with T.R.I.N.C.I. Blockchain.

Synkrony mobile app

Business Payment Services

Accept crypto and euro payments at your business with Synkrony Pay

One easy, secure, compliant system to start accepting not only FIAT currencies, but also main cryptos on the market as both in-person and online payment.

Synkrony pay component

Banking services

Get your personal bank code and Synkrony debit card

Every wallet belonging to the Synkrony network can be associated with a personal bank code so that you can manage your cryptos in euros or dollars.
Your account allows you to receive a Synkrony debit card which you can use to withdraw your funds at ATMs or spend them in millions of stores all over the world.

Synkrony card

Trading Services

More trade, less fees with Synkrony defi exchange.

Handle your crpytos with minimum fees on Synkrony dex. Defi platforms to buy, sell or swap your digital assets with the most used payment methods:: debit, credit cards and wire transfers.

synkrony chart

Listing Services

Launch your project on Synkrony

Dedicated services for creating, listing, promoting cryptos, tokens and stable coins both for startups and for scaleup activities.

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The native crypto of the Synkrony circuit.

Synkrony has its own internal cryptocurrency, called SynCoin (SYN), which regulates with an innovative staking system the distribution of fees triggered by asset trades in the platform. Each trade in fact generates an exercise fee, which is distributed.

synkrony chart

Training Services

Hdemy teaches you everything about token and crypto listing and creation.

Hdemy offers dedicated training on listing, creating and managing digital asset with T.R.I.N.C.I.® to all those developers, as well as to all those fiscal, legal and financial experts who want to expand their offer and consultancy services, and to all those people who want to empower their business.

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TUV quality certification

Synkrony® is the first decentralised platform to have obtained TUV Italia certification. This means that all exchange, payment and listing services for cryptocurrencies and tokens are guaranteed for their quality, to the benefit of all users.